OK, this might be a little long winded, but...........bloody hell, where did 2017 go? We formed a band, added a 2nd guitarist, played some shows and we are in January 2018 with our 1st single and video under our belt, the 2nd one on the way and an album in it's planning stages. Our gig list for this year is HUGE and booking requests are still coming in!!

In the last year we have shared the stage with some incredible bands, Inglorious, Wayward Sons, Bigfoot, Kobra and the Lotus, He Is Legend, The Dead XIII, City of Ashes, As Sirens Fall, Stand Alone and so many more, we have met so many incredible dedicated and friendly people and fans.....WE HAVE FANS.......The one thing we keep thinking about is how do you thank the people that come along to each show, that buy your CD's, your Merch and keep offering words of encouragement when the doubt sets in!!! We have no answer; other than to do our utmost for YOU, to make sure YOU enjoy the show and to get out there and talk to each and every one of you. Without your support we cannot do this, we cannot have a damn good go at living the dream, at fighting for the chance to play events like Rockmantic, Wildfire, The Badass Bash. in a massively competitive "unsigned" scene, filled with so many amazing bands......right up to Wembley, Download, or The Rising stage at Rambling Man.

2018 is filled with promise for us, great gigs lined up, 2 more singles with videos on the way and our Album coming around November time. Hold on tight as it is going to be an incredible ride and want to share it with YOU so please, sign up for the mailing list below, help us keep you in the loop on everything Tomorrow Is Lost, be the 1st to see and hear everything we have to offer.!!

Once more guys, THANK YOU so much for all your support so far. 

See you on the road.

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