22 HOURS....................

Last night we enjoyed the most amazing gig with Those Damn Crows (I highly doubt that you have not heard them, but if you haven't - make sure you check them out today!), and Ravenbreed - a fresh up and coming band from Wales with bags of potential. Both bands absolutely knocked it out the park. 

We were made to feel welcome by the venue, were given a full sound check, were paid more than fairly, and were privileged to play to a packed out room of avid lovers of proper rock n roll. All in all it was a truly fantastic night, and well worth the lengthy trip from the toon...


But, as I laid staring out at the passing landscape along the destitute A1 at 5.30am this morning, drifting in and out of a strange state of consciousness that I'm sure any travelling band will know too well, perspective hit...along with a whole host of other thoughts and feelings which I can't quite explain, but really got me thinking; and it's something I really wanted to try and capture...so here goes! 

22...is the number of hours we spent on the road yesterday 
624...is the number of miles we travelled 
7...is the number of songs we played 
35...is the number of minutes we had on stage 
150...is the number of people we played to 

1...the number of people it would take to make it all worth while. 


Now, that might seem like a an overly profound thing to say, but it's absolutely true. Only 2 years ago I started singing again AND I joined a band for the first time. I'll never forget nearly shitting myself as I stepped up onto that stage, to sing with a live band for the first time when I went to try out...I hadn't crafted a stage presence, and I sure as hell did not know what I was doing, but for the first time in a very long time, I felt totally at home - and precisely where I was meant to be. 

Now, just over 12 month down the line with Tomorrow Is Lost - I would never have imagined travelling up and down the country, visiting new places, meeting the most amazing and interesting people who are the absolute lifeline of grass roots music and emerging bands (and making many friends along the way)...playing our own songs...our own creations that at times expose your deepest and darkest times - out there for the world to see, to judge, and let's be honest - to criticise too. 

So, to have a crowd like last night respond in such an amazing way is truly the most humbling of experiences...And like the numbers say - even if one person was to walk away from our gig last night with just the smallest amount of belief in what we are doing - then it was worth the trip. Every, single time. 

Now, I'm not writing this because I want any sort of pat on the back, or any special treatment or recognition - we're doing the same as hundreds if not thousands of bands up and down the country. And we do it because we love it. We're tired, we're skint, we wanna cave each other's faces in pretty often (and I mean that in the most affectionate way haha), but we're lucky. With every sleepless night, every gig, every opportunity, every success; and every failure...that dream that we're chasing starts to happen right under your nose, and you don't even see it happening. And as we travel through the night, it's moments like that when it starts to hit home just how far we've come, and just how far we still have to go. So to every single person - headlining bands, support bands, gig goers, promoters, photographers, social media followers, DJ's, Reviewers...Thank you 

We are all The Lost x

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