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The blog’s a bit overdue, right?

I’ve been lost for words lately, and definitely not myself - or completely myself - I can never quite be sure...

As a band we’ve got…

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JUST LIKE WILDFIRE......................

It has taken a while, being flat out busy is great for such a young band, but right now we are having a short break, re-grouping, writing new songs and getting ready to make some MAJOR announcements, but before all…

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Rockmantic Weekender 2018 was quite the way for us to welcome in the new year with a considerable bang. It was absolutely mental seeing just how many people were there to hear our was a totally mind blowing experience and something that we really hope to one day repeat! 

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OK, this might be a little long winded, but...........bloody hell, where did 2017 go? We formed a band, added a 2nd guitarist, played some shows and we are in January 2018 with our 1st single and video under our…

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Latest News

MARC joins the SPAUN DRUMS family

THE SHADOWMAN EP; Moshville Times review

"Every band dreams of having a final track on an album or EP like this."

Tomorrow Is Lost join the VOCALZONE Family;

2018 is off to a flyer with Cass now endorsed by VOCALZONE You can read the article on their artists page here 

YORK-CALLING interview.

In the run up to our show at the legendary FIBBERS in York next month Cass & Ryan sat down for a chat with the team at York Calling

You can read the interview in full HERE

If this was an American band then there is a very real possibility that Metal Hammer would already have had them on the cover.”

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Latest Track

Each new song we release will be available to listen to right here. From time to time we will add a live recording from one of our shows. 

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